Old Virginia had numerous requests for a planed log with a rounded coutour. Being a handcrafter, we were reluctant to produce a milled log, because of all the horror stories we had heard about them. We listened to the trouble spots and problems with previous or existing owners and found these were the biggest complaints:

Corners Leaky and Unattractive, either butt and pass or saddle notch.
Remedy: Old Virginia has solved this problem in beauty and efficiency by using the dovetail notch. Still improving basic design after hundreds of years!

Cracks Between the Logs: We learned this was caused by shrinkage and not being able to settle; twisting; inferior logs used in manufacturing or using nails/spikes, so if settling occurs, the log will be fixed and unable to move because the nail is not counterbored.
Remedy: Old Virginia uses a counterbored lag bolt system instead of spikes – if there is shrinkage, the house will be able to settle and all fits will grow tighter. The double drip edge eliminates unsightly separation cracks; prevents air infiltration and water leakage through the log joint, as well as numerous other functions.

Air Infiltration: We have heard much controversy as to which is best – the spline or tongue and groove system.
Remedy: Old Virginia has incorporated BOTH the spline and tongue and groove in the Huff System.

Most machine-milled log homes are made from the same material. Ingenuity in design and attention to detail distinguishes Old Virginia’s Huff System from others.

All members (such as rafters, joists and posts) will be planed unless otherwise requested.

Certainly, the drip edge requires special handling in manufacturing, transit and erection. A butt and pass or saddle notch corner surely would be easier and cost less to manufacture, but does not come up to our standards, just as traditionally used nails and spikes as fasteners are no comparison to the state of the art “slip” log bolt system.

Old Virginia Hand Hewn Log Homes, Inc. now uses log fasteners instead of 3/8″ lag bolts. With twice the tensile strength and twice the shear strength, these fasteners outperform a 3/8″ lag bolt, while eliminating the need to drill a hole in the log. While these fasteners cost us twice as much as a lag bolt, they equate to a better value for you, our valued customer.

Our concern at Old Virginia is absolute customer satisfaction, not easier or costs less to manufacture. We care about your log home!